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Co-Lab Mini took place during the afternoon of Wednesday April 5th, 2023.

In keeping with the momentum of its predecessor, Co-Lab22, Co-Lab Mini continued the trajectory of providing space for community building and exchanging ideas related to marketing, branding and design.

Co-Lab Mini was a success through the contributions of the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, the presence of all attendees.

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One for all

Marketers of all levels are welcome in Co-Lab’s space. Interaction is CoLab’s top priority, and connecting and sharing are the point. Come join us.

In our business, we’re always weighing out the costs and benefits of how our time gets spent. A time investment to attend Co-Lab is absolutely going to translate into skill enrichments and therefore financial dividends for our company.

Chris Matthias – Project Manager, Montana Banana Web Development
Co-Lab Mini Took Place Wednesday April 5, 2023

The Co-Lab Mini Schedule


Registration, Networking, & Welcome



Redirection Post Rejection” – Cara Castro 

“Center With Intention” – Wade Brill

“Fostering a Culture of Innovation in an Economic Downturn” – Kelly Parriott


1st Roundtable Discussion


2nd Roundtable Discussion


Recap & Thank you


Drinks & Networking


Event Concludes

Roundtable discussion topics for Co-Lab Mini

Setting Intentions – Led by Speaker, Wade Brill
Creating a Career That’s Right for You – Led by Speaker, Cara Castro
Your Biggest Marketing Challenge – Led by Speaker, Kelly Parriott
Social Media Strategy Isn’t Optional Anymore – Brandon Schmitt of Project Bionic
Advanced Social Media Strategy Tactics – Michael Freund & John Deck of Project Bionic
Video Strategy & Creation  – Brianna Home of Hansen Belyea
Short Format Video Strategy – Ken Stock of Project Bionic
Brand Evolution – Ron Hansen of Hansen Belyea
Website Strategy – Chris Matthias of Montana Banana
Google Analytics & GA4 – Stewart McCullough of Montana Banana

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Meet the speakers

Kelly Parriott, VP Brand, Innovation & CPG, Tutta Bella

Fostering a Culture of Innovation in an Economic Downturn


Wade Brill, Professional Certified Coach and Meditation Facilitator through UCLA’s Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior.

Center with Intention


Cara Castro, Founder of Good Mountain Collective

Redirection Post Rejection


A Collaborative Venue

The open, inviting and light-filled spaces of the Metropolist provide a great backdrop for creativity and networking.

What Attendees had to say about Co-Lab Mini which took place during Spring 2023

Co-lab Mini was everything you could hope for in a half-day event! The speakers were interesting, the round tables were thought-provoking, and the networking rounded out the day well!

Stephanie Babb - Marketing Coordinator, TRI STAR Team Real Estate

What Attendees had to say about Co-Lab22 which took place during Fall 2022

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Co-Lab22 was a day hosted by great marketing minds, but it was not just for marketers. Anyone interested in bettering their understanding of creative design for business and communication should attend.

John Crase – Senior Associate & Unit Manager, Wiss, Janney, Eistner Associates Inc.,

The diversity of the presentations was excellent and seemed to be more driven by sharing than by salesmanship, which was very nice.

Bill Hayes – Founder, Iceberg Marketing Consulting

Co-Lab22 felt more authentic and less scripted – which made it feel more honest and real. I liked the fast pace and the wide variety of topics. All the speakers were excellent.

Lori Castro – Marketing Manager, Perteet Inc

Co-lab 22 is a conference with heart! It emphasizes collaboration and involvement. I loved the format, and the ample time to network with my peers as well as experts in many different areas of marketing.

Desiree Willis – Marketing & Communications Manager, Robbins

Co-Lab22 was one of the best conferences I’ve attended. I came away with a number of implementable action items.

Steve Crandall – CEO, ThirdReel
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Co-Lab experiences are presented by Hansen Belyea and Project Bionic

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